Google Adwords prices in real estate

More than 90% of French Internet users use Google daily. To increase the visibility of a real estate activity on this search engine, it is possible to buy keywords. Via Google Adwords, advertisers can capture qualified contacts. To do this, you need to know how this platform works and which keywords to target. Here are the details.

Why use Adwords in real estate?

A key player in web advertising, Google Adwords allows you to generate as much contact as possible. The advantage of associating Adwords with its digital real estate strategy is to capture Internet users from the very beginning of their Google search phase. Indeed, Adwords allows you to stay one step ahead of the competition by displaying the site at the top of the SERP. If the ad and landing page are attractive (and combined with the right keywords), Internet users will be targeted. In addition, Google Ads allows you to collect information about prospects’ search habits. It provides, among other things, the keywords that triggered the display of the ad. This information will allow new opportunities to emerge for SEO and marketing strategies.

The other positive aspect of using Google Adwords is cost control. By choosing CPC advertising (cost per click), you only pay when a visitor clicks on the ad and visits the landing page. Thus, it is necessary to determine the exact amount of what you want to spend on your ads. Once the budget is exhausted, Google Adwords will automatically stop ads. It is important to accurately assess the impact and achievement of the objectives of each campaign. However, adjustments may be made to improve your advertising results.

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How does Google Ads work?

Google Adwords operates through a keyword auction system. These allow advertisements to appear in the SERP results. So, for each search made on Google via a keyword “T2 Paris apartment”, an auction is automatically activated between all advertisers. Of course, the best bid wins.

The idea is the same as for a traditional auction: the best bid wins. However, to ensure that only the advertisers who have paid the most win, Google has introduced the notion of a “quality score” for ads: a score ranging from 1 (very bad) to 10 (excellent).

To improve its quality score, several factors must be taken into account. The first concerns the choice of the keyword. This must appear in a relevant way in the advertisement. The second factor is the chosen landing page, which must be related to the keyword.

For example, the page of an ad with the keyword “La loi Pinel à Marseille” must cover the whole subject: the Pinel law, and specifically in Marseille, the ceilings applied to the city, the rental potential of Marseille or even propose housing eligible for this scheme.

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Keyword prices in real estate

Keyword prices vary according to the municipality. Some, more competitive than others, see their prices increase. To do this, it is interesting to compare the prices of a large city with those of a medium-sized city. The following example will therefore focus on Paris and Toulouse.

With the keyword “apartment + city”

Prices in the old one

To begin this comparison, the keyword chosen consists of “apartment” and “city name”. Other words can complete this set such as “rental or rent”. Here are the results obtained:

ParisApartment Paris1,09€Average
ToulouseApartment Toulouse0,98€Average

To capture qualified Internet users, this request is too generalist. The competition is intended to be “average”, proof that these two requests are too broad.

If we want to be more explicit, we can try:

ParisApartment rentals Paris0,97€High
ToulouseApartment renting Toulouse0,56€High
ParisRent an apartment in Paris1,01€High
ToulouseRent an apartment Toulouse0,83€High

Here, the requests are better targeted, which makes it possible to capture more qualified contacts. It is therefore normal to have high competition.

However, if you refine your requests more, you can find ads at a lower cost. Here is a new test, which uses a Parisian and a Toulouse district:

ParisApartment Neuilly sur Seine0,72€High
ToulouseApartment Cote Pavée0,30€Average
ParisApartment rental Neuilly sur Seine0,48€High
ToulouseApartment rental Cote Pavée0,45€Average

Although the Côte Pavée is a popular place and close to the Toulouse hyper-centre, the competition on these requests is average. However, the arrival of the third metro line could increase these prices.

Varying your requests with and without accent also allows you to modify your costs.

ParisApartment for rent Paris1,08€High
ToulouseApartment for rent Toulouse0,77€High
ParisApartment for rent Paris0,86€High
ToulouseApartment for rent Toulouse0,78€High

Another interesting comparison is the difference in Adwords prices between new and old apartments.

Prices in new homes

ParisNew apartment Paris10,87€High
ToulouseNew apartment Toulouse6,94€High

On these requests, the price difference is obvious. For Paris, there is an increase of +9.78€ and +5.96€ for Toulouse.

ParisBuy new apartment Paris3,94€High
ToulouseBuy new apartment Toulouse7,01€High
ParisSale new apartment Paris5,84€High
ToulouseSale new apartment Toulouse7,00€High

Interesting note: on these requests Toulouse has higher prices than Paris.

With the keywords “real estate + city”

ParisReal estate Paris1,00€High
ToulouseReal estate Toulouse0,81€High
ParisReal estate in Paris0,70€High
ToulouseReal estate in Toulouse0,86€High
ParisReal estate in Paris0,92€Average
ToulouseReal estate in Toulouse0,64€High

Here, the prices of ads with and without accents differ from city to city. This is why it is important to check which request is the most “typed” and which budget you want to allocate to it.

ParisNew real estate in Paris3,54€High
ToulouseNew real estate in Toulouse6,07€High

As seen above, requests for new real estate have higher prices than the old one. When the requests are more precise, the costs are also lower.

ParisReal estate Versailles0,57€High
ToulouseReal estate Blagnac0,38€Average
ParisNew real estate in Versailles4,23€High
ToulouseNew real estate in Blagnac4,05€High

Of course, the list is still long. However, this analysis reflects current trends. Too generalist requests are often created in vain. On the contrary, more precise queries generate qualified contacts. Moreover, the more precise the keywords, the lower the price of the ads is.