Should you choose Google Adwords in real estate?

Google Adwords and real estate, these are terms that we can often see together. And this is the question most real estate professionals ask themselves. From a global perspective, many real estate professionals say that Google Adwords does not work for their environment. But that’s not necessarily true. So I’ve decided to gather some good reasons why you should include Google Adwords in your marketing strategy.

The importance of Google Adwords in real estate

We can be clear on one point: Google is the most widely used search engine in the world. If we were to keep only one, it would undoubtedly be Google. And this domination is also felt on mobile versions of Google. Therefore, using Adwords will give you the opportunity to reach more prospects in a single channel.

Keyword targeting

One of the advantages of Google Adwords Immobilier is its targeting. Indeed, thanks to this very relevant system, you can segment your offer in order to better target it. As a reminder, Google Adwords works on the basis of keywords. Therefore, you can position yourself on the keywords that are most relevant to the product you are offering. It is possible for you to target only those Internet users who are in the purchasing process. To do this, you should not include certain keywords.

Targeting by geographical area

In the real estate industry, geolocation targeting is very important. Thanks to Google Adwords in real estate, you have the possibility to broadcast your ads only within a radius of 20 km around the premises for sale for example. You can then include other areas if necessary for your campaign. This geographical target is a very good complement to an Inbound Marketing strategy, for example to boost the sales of a particular real estate program, for example.

The presence on the Internet

To be present on the Internet, you must be present on this search engine. Only the problem is that by using natural referencing, you have to take more time to make yourself a good place in the rankings. Fortunately, with Google Adwords you can be in the top positions of Google in just a few clicks. If you launch your web page, Google won’t even wait until you’ve finished indexing all the pages it will already boost your traffic.

This tool will also help you to find the most relevant keywords for a natural positioning later on. It seems relevant to me to specify that an SEO strategy, natural referencing, is essential to exist in the long term.

SEO, certainly tedious and quite long before obtaining visible results, is a strategy where you will not pay per click.

The place of competitors

At this point I think you already have a clear idea about the interest of Google Adwords. But if my article convinced you, why won’t your competitors be so convinced? Without your knowledge, your competitors may already be using Adwords. At the moment, they already have a very good place in Google’s search results. To overcome this problem, you must also impose your brand name. And this without delay.

The return on investment

Another advantage: Google Adwords campaigns give you access to detailed statistics on your return on investment. Thanks to its flexibility, you can increase and decrease your Adwords budget as you wish. You can also change the bids for your keywords to improve the position of the ads.

Finally, at any time it is quite possible to check the ROI of the current campaign. You will have no difficulty in knowing the exact number of your advertising campaign last month if you want to.

Therefore, it will be easier for you to know the profitability of the keywords you use or the current campaign.