Hello property owners in SW Florida. My name is Lisa Cramer and I own "Lisa The Leaser" Property Management and Rental Services here in Florida, located at 4519 SE 16th Place Unit #105 Cape Coral Florida 33904. Our office hours are Monday-Friday 9:00 AM-5:30 PM,  Saturday 11:00 AM-4:00 PM, Closed on Sundays, however, we have a staff  member on-call  for after hours and on Sundays and on Holidays who checks the messages on our main answering service to assist tenants looking for new rentals! I have been in the property management business in this area for seven years. Although my office is located in Cape Coral, my staff and I cover a territory that includes the cities of Cape Coral, Fort Myers, Lehigh Acres and all of Lee County. My office presently manages over 400 properties and we have a large office and a large staff. All off  the  "Lisa The Leaser" office departments are compartmentalized which enables us to offer you fast and personalized service.

Our company started out and continues to thrive using innovative means. For example, we spend between $5,000-$10,000 per month in local advertising campaigns to get your property leased quickly and keep it leased with a proprietary advertising campaign called "LISA THE LEASER" and it's a popular hot campaign. I have a television commercial that has been nominated for an award. I utilize radio for advertising through two of the most popular stations in this area – KROCK (the most popular rock and roll radio station in this area) B103.9 and GATOR COUNTRY (the largest country and western radio station within listening distance) and the most popular Latino radio station in this area. In addition, I purchased an antique car that is a replica of the famous "Ghost Buster” automobile from the well-known movie, Ghost Busters. We use this around town and include it in some very popular large events here in Cape Coral, and it garners some serious attention and name recognition for the "Lisa The Leaser" advertising campaign. I have an Electronic Rolling Billboard in Cape Coral and Ft. Myers. Our innovative and interactive company web site receives up to 3 million hits a year and has ballooned into a huge successful advertising medium for all markets. Additionally, my company has memberships in several well-known rental web sites, therefore, we get tons of tenant leads through on-line mediums. Under the logo of "Lisa The Leaser", we have sponsored large rock concerts here in town like, ZZ Top.
No one does it like "Lisa The Leaser"- our approach is unique, progressive and creative and our long-term goals toward growth are very aggressive!

If you are buying a vacant new, foreclosure, short sale or re-sell property ,or you already own rental property, my staff will pick up keys and walk through your property to evaluate the premise and take photographs and give you a list of any items we deem necessary to get your rental property "rent ready" at no charge. "Lisa The Leaser" is not looking for perfection in the properties to rent. We are looking for clean, functional properties to rent with the basic utilities on ( water & electric) , pools that are blue, and yards that look cared for ( grass & shrubs cut). I need the property to look clean and smell clean. With these items in place, "Lisa The Leaser" can lease ANYTHING, ANYWHERE IN LEE COUNTY.

If your rental property is already tenant-occupied and you have been self-managing and have decided to hire us as your professional property management company, we will handle all paperwork to introduce ourselves to your tenants as the new property management company in charge of rent collection, needed repair and help them with any leasing concerns. Additionally, staff will contact your present tenant and make an appointment to conduct a walk-through to assure that all safety codes are being met and will record the condition of the unit. We always take pictures and will send you a copy of these for your records.

If your property is vacant and we obtain keys to rent your property, your unit will be added to our website and all other outside advertising campaigns, to quickly find you the perfect tenant if we deem your property as "RENT-READY".

You may already own property in this area and have decided to change management companies. If  that is the case, I will send you the proper forms to sign, and will forward copies to your tenants, and send the forms to the prior property Management Company informing them  of  your decision to change companies Moreover, we send an additional letter to your prior management company explaining where they may send your files,  keys and the security deposits which will be placed in our trust account or find out a date from your previous property management company when we may pick up all items in person. If  you are hiring a Professional Property Management company for the first time, our staff staff handle all letters of introduction to your existing tenants and letters explaining our management process.

Services may be needed in some cases to ensure the integrity of your home during the time it is vacant.

Immediately upon the close of  escrow or entrance into our rental program,  you must have the electricity/water turned on. We have provided a list of utility companies; please call and set up a landlord account. By doing this, my company will be allowed to control the utilities at that location on your behalf  from that point forward. If t he utilities have already been turned off, either you or your agent will have to go to your property twice; once to turn your power breakers off, and then again, to turn them back on later after the power company has visited the property. Our maintenance company can preform this service for you if  necessary.

There is a optional $50.00 per month home vacancy inspection fee to monitor and inspect your vacant investment property while we are seeking a tenant for you.

Our company will need four full sets of  keys to your rental property. If  you cannot provide these our company can make copies for you. If  a set of keys is unavailable to your property, our locksmith can go to the property and either create a set of working keys, or install new locks.

Lawn care will be necessary if your lawn needs to be mowed before a new tenant moves in. You can arrange your own lawn service or we can provide lawn care for you. The lawn care fee may vary depending upon the amount of  clean-up work needed, the size of your lawn, or the number of  times the lawn must be mowed prior to tenant occupancy. Your lawn company or our lawn company may need to set up the sprinkler timer system for your lawn to be watered in accordance to City regulations. Cape Coral will fine homeowners if  the lawn is over ten inches high, the lawn is being watered too often, or the lawn is being watered on the wrong days of  the week. These items are regulated by Cape Coral for water conservation as well as for the policy for the city beautification program. If  your property is on a well system, you may need well treatments so that your sprinkler system  can be activated to water the lawn, you can arrange this service, or our company can do this for you.

If  your property has a pool,  you  will need interim pool care until a tenant is procured. Again,  you may arrange your own pool service,  or we can provide pool care for you. Most often our tenants pay all utility costs and take responsibility for the care of  the pool and lawn once they move-in.

If your home has been vacant for a while, your well system  may have algae, which will necessitate the system being completely disassembled and cleaned, you can arrange for this to be done yourself, or our company can provide this service for you. If  your home does not have a well system, you will need to activate water service in a landlords account in the same manner as stated above.

If  your vacant home has a sewer system  which has not been pumped out recently, this may need to be done, as this service must be performed once a year to prevent sewer backups in the property and in the yard. If  needed, this service is available through our company

Some of  the newer homes that have been built are located in outer areas of  Lee County, which, allows vandals the opportunity to break into property for theft or to cause damage. If  shutters came as standard equipment with your new builder’s home, or  if  you have storm shutters in your rental property,  I would advise that it might be prudent to install storm  shutters over the windows to deter vandals from selecting your vacant property as a target. You can arrange this, or our maintenance company can help install the shutters. Of  course, the shutters will have to be removed upon move-in of  a new tenant. Installing shutters is a simple safety precaution as opposed to paying damages or appliance replacement costs, should you be burglarized. In addition, any break in would cause an increase in your insurance, as well as causing you to pay the deductible with your insurance. carrier . Moreover, we strongly recommend caging all out door equipment to deter potential theft. Prices for caging can be obtained through our maintenance company. Unfortunately, as the local economy  continues to level out in the area of  Lee County, and unemployment rates continue  in Lee County, these break-ins are expensive and troublesome and have become commonplace.

If your builder does not provide a mailbox for your property or your existing mailbox  is non-functional, one will have to be purchased and installed.

We have our own maintenance company by the name of  SW Florida Property Maintenance Company located at 4519 SE 16th Unit #105  & Unit #106 Place Cape Coral Florida 33904. Due to the size of the company our customers are offered preferential pricing and treatment. Services are available to our clients seven days a week. If  repair work requires a specialized licensed vendor,  a 15% markup will apply. Maintenance work done must be pre-paid by  paypal, credit card, debit card, cash, ACH bank transfer, personal check, wire transfer. If  any bill is paid later than 15 days after approval & billing, a finance charge of  18% will be added to your outstanding monthly maintenance balance until the bill is paid in full. All maintenance work done in tenant occupied property by SW Florida Property Maintenance company includes a tenant satisfaction survey,  and a quality control check with photo's if  repair is over $500.00, or repair work is a rehab. Owners using SW Florida Property Maintenance Company will get most bids for free if  owner uses our services, if  not ,owner may keep bid and a bid fee shall apply.  Monthly owner statements will track maintenance work done for you on your property. Using our maintenance company SW Florida Property Maintenance Company is not a contractual agreement, owners are welcome to use any maintenance and repair source they wish.

You must have liability insurance coverage on your rental property. The recommended coverage is $300.000, but the policy coverage amount is determined between you and your insurance agent. A copy of your policy declaration page will need to be sent to my office for placement in your file. If  you need an insurance carrier to help with a policy,  local agent recommendations have been included. 

After I receive your signed contracts, I will sign and send executed copies to you for your records. Upon receipt of your signed contract, we will add your home to our inventory as "coming soon", or "available now", ( determined on immediate availability of  keys and property status as rent ready) on our daily rental list, and our company website, you will receive weekly or monthly web site hit updates by email on your rental listing activity. Additionally, a large professional sign will be placed on your property.

Thank you,
Lisa Cramer
L. Cramer & Associates, Inc.
4519 SE 16th Place, Unit #105, Cape Coral, FL 33904 Office: 239-540-3478
Toll Free: 866-540-3478 – Fax: 239-540-3568